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Contract of over $400,000 with Domra Construction: Replace and install 5 floors of washrooms, including water lines, drains, and fixtures



Contract of over $200,000 with Laval Aubin Construction: installation of new heating systems and washrooms for building expansion; modifcation/upgrades of existing systems

Place Alexis Nihon

Contract of over $150,000 with Cominar direct: Installation of new piping, valves and headers in multiple mechanical rooms



Université de Sherbrooke

Contract of over $100,000 with Luc Archambault: mechanical room install and retrofit for the radiologie centre


Clinique Dentaire Eclipse

 Contract of ver $ 130,000 with JCB: Installation of 16 new dental operating rooms including compressed air system and sanitary fixtures


Café Starbucks (3)

Installation of multiple new starbucks locations including water lines, vents, drains and filter systems


Caisse Desjardins (3)

Installation and/or upgrades at multiple Caise Desjardins locations



Restaurant Rougeboeuf

Contract over $50,000 with Duquette Construction; installation of new restaurant including water lines, drains, vents, and grease traps

Press Café (5)

Installation of multiple new press café locations including water lines, vents, drains and filter systems




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Telephone: 514-366-1913
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